Why did Schroth get painful hits?

The 27-year-old lost to the Brazilian Thiago Teixera in a top-class four-man tournament in Pattya in July. Schroth made an unfocused impression and had to take painful fist hits. After a blow to his left eye, which immediately swelled up, the Thai by choice gave up.
The defeat is fine.
In the classic fighting style – the boxers wore hemp bandages instead of gloves – Schroth lacked a clear strategy. The defeat was reasonable.
After Pascal Schroth achieved an unpleasant media presence in 2018, in which he broke his neck with an illegal throw by his opponent in China, he fought his way back with considerable willpower. On his comeback in October 2019 in Munich at the Steko‘s Fight Night with a knockout victory against Mariyan Asenov, he was crowned WKU world champion. In his last appearance in February 2020, he also won prematurely against Ioannis Boukis in the same place.
Schroth will play his semifinals against the Brazilian Thiago Teixeira. In addition to Schroth, who lives in Thailand, there is also the favorite of the tournament, the Thai Kitti, who has already completed over 400 fights, and the Russian Vladimir Shuliak in the tournament up to 72.5 kilograms. The anticipation of finally getting back into the ring after a long break was clearly evident in Schroth’s interview. He also sees himself adequately prepared for the duel and is accordingly confident of victory.

Source: nord24.com