• Let’s work together to create a safe and conducive environment while preserving the exciting energy that makes Cross Muay Thai
    TEAM Cross Muay Thai


    As there is a limit on the number of people allowed in the gym, students are not allowed to attend classes without a prior enrollment or booking, i.e. walk-ins are not allowed.
    Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your class to limit time spent lingering or waiting in the gym.

    Upon arrival,

    1. Scan the relevant QR codes displayed at the front desk for contact tracing purposes.
    2. Your temperature will be taken by the front desk staff using a digital non-contact thermometer.
    3. If the temperature reading is 37.5°C and above, you will be informed and denied entry. We strongly suggest that you visit the closest Government Medical facility immediately.
    4. If your temperature is below 37.5°C but you display any of the following symptoms: cough, flu-like symptoms, or shortness of breath, you will be denied entry. We urge you to inform the staff of your symptoms, if any.
    5. Place shoes in shoe cubby at the foyer area and sanitize hands thoroughly after handling shoes.
    6. Follow the navigation instructions marked in the gym to access workout zones.


    1. Designated workout areas for each student have been marked which you can choose from.
    2. Each pod comes with a clean towel, a plastic container and a sanitizer spray,
    3. Where possible, weights and equipment needed will be pre-assigned to your pod,
    4. After class, please sanitize all equipment used with the sanitizer and towel provided,
    5. After class, please sanitize the mats within your pod with the sanitize and towel provided,
    6. After class, please place the gym’s towels in the Used Towels bin for cleaning,
    7. After class, please leave the premises immediately. Members are not allowed to linger and socialize within the gym premises.


    1. Bring your own towel.
    2. We recommend members to wear long sleeve / rash guard and workout tights / leggings.
    3. Please bring your own hand wraps and boxing gloves.
    4. The water filter will not be in use to reduce risk of cross-contamination.
    5. The shower at the gym will not be available for use to reduce risk of cross contamination.

    If you come in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, prior to your visit to the gym, or if you have tested positive, please inform the gym as soon as possible (012-205-1110 James Yip).
    Be mindful to practice social distancing, wash or sanitize hands frequently, wear a face mask and/or face shield, and avoid touching your face as much as possible.